"GROUP DIRECTORY:(i). Work of printing of group directory is under process. In order to complete it in time, we need your support. Unless we receive membership forms, we can not complete the directory. So please submit the filled forms with photo to Shri Jumbish Ajmera - 9425320205 (Airport Road), Shri Akash Pandya-  9229449399, 8109229119 (Gumashta Nagar) Shri Arun Jain - 98273 71713 ( Regal Square), Shri Ajit Darda 99815 49300 (AB Road) as early as possible. Membership form is available for download on our web site-jsgunique.com home page also. Last date for submition of forms is 26 th Feb., 2012. After this date v r not responsible for publishing of incomplete information of members in directory.
(ii) Group also Invites advertisement for our directory. Rate of Advertisement are as follows:
   PREMIUM PAGES:- a) Front side of back cover page Rs.21000/-
                                  b) Back side of front cover page Rs.18000/-
                                  c) Inner side of back cover page Rs.15000/-
   GENERAL PAGES:- a) Full page Rs.3000/-
                                  b) Half page Rs.1500/-
                                  c) Shubhkamna Sandesh Rs.500/-
There are more then 500 copies will be distributed among Group members and other respected persons of the society. Book your advertisement at the earliest to boost up the business and to reach the untouched customers. 

GROUP FOREIGN TOUR: (i) Members who do not have passport, are requested to contact to the Mr. Nitesh Jain 9407425027 or Mr. Ajmera 94253 81000 on urgent basis, as passport making is process of approx 2 and 1/2 to 3 months. And our foreign tour in June 2012 is depend upon the making of passport almost 1 and 1/2 month before the Journey date. AND MEMBERS who already possess the passport are requested to inform Our Group Jt. Secretary Mr Akash Pandya - 9229449399, 8109229119. Information of the destination of the tour will be intimated with in short period.    
(ii) List of Requirement for passport is available on our web site home page.  


We are affiliated with Jain Social Groups International Federation with around 400 Jain Social Groups all over the world. Pls visit federation site at www.jsgfederation.com. We start our group in Sep 2006 with 50 couples and now we are 174 couples. On our commitments day by day the strength of our group is grow and we think its reach around 200 couples in 2011. We have only young couple membership and we are only young couple group in India.

In the field of social work we adopt the BAHUUDYESHI SEVA SAMITI and done a lot work with them like donation of tricycle, gas connection, building construction etc. +++

Phone : 0731-4203025, 98273 71713        Email : info@jsgunique.com
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